Contributing to the Drobo Apps Community

Drobo Applications

The following list of applications have been packaged for use on the Drobo. All DroboApps are compiled and packaged to be easily downloaded and installed directly from this website. Applications will be added or updated periodically.

Coming Soon List

The following is my current application todo list along with any details available.

  1. Subversion - The Subversion Drobo App for the FS is posted.
  2. UnRAR - This got several requests and is now available for download.
  3. Apache HTTP Server - The latest apache is almost ready, I'm about to begin testing.
  4. Subversion mod_dav_svn - The next logical step after SVN and Apache HTTP, and it's in progress now. :)
  5. MySQL - I have several requests for MySQL and it's in progress.
  6. Transmission - The previous packager is no longer supporting it so I may be taking this over.
  7. Java - I have contacted Sun about packaging their JRE for use on the Drobo, no details yet.

Special Requests

Contact me here or through the community (free registration required) to make special requests for applications.

DroboApp Hosting

If you package a DroboApp and would like to host it on this site for download, contact me for details. I will gladly provide you with access to host your application information as well downloads here without any charge, but I will request that you follow some basic quality guidelines.

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