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Welcome to drobo @

This site is my contribution to support the DroboApps community. For those unfamiliar, the Drobo is a storage device manufactured by Data Robotics, Inc. and the applications which can be packaged and installed on a Drobo FS or DroboShare are referred to as DroboApps.

I personally use a Drobo FS which is the NAS version of the Drobo and for that reason many details will be documented based on this device; however, the information may also relate to the DroboShare as well. The applications which I package and distribute on this website will be cross-compiled and tested on the Drobo FS. If requested, I will also prepare packages for the DroboShare if time allows.

If anyone else would like to contribute applications to the Drobo Apps community using this website, send me an email.

If anyone would like to support me, sign up for a free 2GB cloud storage account with Dropbox and I'll get extra space for the referral. I would appreciate it.

Contact Me

Feel free to contact with questions or requests related to this website or any applications which I package. You can contact me using drobo [at] jhah [dot] net or through the DroboSpace Community. General questions about your Drobo are also welcome, but please use the community so that you can get more exposure to other people who are willing to help.


This website and content is not in any way affiliated, endorsed, or supported by Data Robotics, Inc or the Drobo device.

WARNING: The use of information and software provided on this website may be used at your own risk. The information and software available on this website are provided as-is without any warranty or guarantee.

By visiting this website you agree that:

  1. We take no liability under any circumstance or legal theory for any DroboApp, software, error, omissions, loss of data or damage of any kind related to your use or exposure to any information provided on this site.
  2. All software are made “AS AVAILABLE” and “AS IS” without any warranty or guarantee. All express and implied warranties are disclaimed. Some states do not allow limitations of incidental or consequential damages or on how long an implied warranty lasts, so the above may not apply to you.

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