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Subversion - README

Package File: subversion.tgz
App Name: subversion
Version: 1.6.12_1
License: Apache License, Version 2.0
Model: DroboFS
Packager: j_hah -
Packager URL:

Subversion is an open source version control system and is also commonly
referred to as SVN.  SVN began as a replacement for CVS.

This package contains the svn client, admin, and svnserver utilities compiled 
for the Drobo FS.  The Apache mod_dav_svn module is not currently supported by
this application.  The script will start svnserve on your Drobo FS.

During installation, a .service.conf file will be created which sets the 
repository root directory for svnserve.  If you create a shared folder on your 
Drobo FS whose name begins with "svn" or "subversion" prior to install, this 
folder will be used as the svn repository root.  For example, create a share 
named "svnrepos" before install and it will be used as your repository root.

This Drobo App EXPECTS that the user is already familiar with SVN and has a
working understanding of Subversion administration.  Refer to the svnbook 
for all subversion questions [].

All required shared library files are included and the runtime library path 
was set during compile so that LD_LIBRARY_PATH should not be needed. If you get
"error while loading shared libraries: ..." errors during startup, edit the script to enable the LD_LIBRARY_PATH which should resolve the issue.


This program was compiled without modification to the original source code which
can be obtained at the following locations:

 subversion   -
 + sqlite     - 
 + apr        -
 + apr-util   -
 + neon       -
 + expat      -
 + libxml2    -
 + zlib       -
 + cyrus-sasl -
 + e2fslibs   -
 + libdb      -
 + gdbm       -
 + openldap   -
 + openssl    -    
 + readline   -
 + ncurses    - 

Additionally, the source is available upon request by emailing
Visit the website for additional details or updates: 


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