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Package File: sqlite_3.6.23.1_1-Xs.tgz
App Name: sqlite
License: Public Domain
Packager: j_hah -
Packager URL:

SQLite is a cross-platform C library that implements a self-contained, 
embeddable, zero-configuration, server-less SQL database engine. SQLite 
is the most widely deployed SQL database engine in the world. 

This package is a developer archive containing the SQLite binaries and 
shared libraries including header files and dependency libraries to be used
in creating other Drobo Apps.  This is not a typical Drobo App install package
to be installed and used directly by end-users unless they want to create and
manage a stand-alone SQLite database.  

All required shared library files are included.  For the Drobo FS the runtime
library path includes "sqlite" so that you can install this to a sqlite 
drobo app folder and run it.  For The DroboShare or any other application
folder location, the LD_LIBRARY_PATH will need to be set so that the libraries
can be located. If you get "error while loading shared libraries: ..." errors 
this means you need to set the LD_LIBRARY_PATH variable prior to starting 
your application.


This program was compiled without modification to the original source code which
can be obtained at the following locations:

 sqlite     -
 + readline -
 + ncurses  - 

Additionally, the source is available upon request by emailing
Visit the website for additional details or updates: 


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